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At Home Elder Care Advice: Keep Mom and Dad Hydrated This Summer

As mom and dad age, their desire for fluids and even food tends to diminish.  Often, at home elder care professionals note that your parent is more concerned that you and your children are eating well than they are themselves; the need to feed others seems to be ingrained.  However, it’s crucial that your mother or father stays hydrated specifically during the hot summer days.

It’s easy to fall behind in drinking the recommended amount of water each day, especially for seniors.  Although your mother or father may drink a couple of cups of coffee in the morning, eight to twenty-four ounces of caffeine can dehydrate them just as quickly as not drinking any fluid at all.  Without the proper fluid intake, your parent may become light-headed, and at home elder care experts suggest that they may appear to be confused due to lack of oxygen to the brain.

If getting your mother or father to drink water is difficult there are other methods of hydrating the body with food.  First of all, you may want help from at home elder care providers to assist you with eliminating the wrong types of drinks or at least limit them.  These include caffeinated drinks like coffee and soda.  If your mom or dad enjoys alcohol, limiting their intake may be a critical step as alcohol will not only dehydrate the body, but mixed with medication and the sun, may cause additional medical hazards for your parent.


Snacking on cucumbers will add the correct body fluid needed in the summer.  The crispy cucumber will also satisfy the chewing and eating sensation.  Cucumbers may be used as a snack in salads, dips, or soups.

Salads and Leafy Greens

Salads greens are ninety percent water.  Whether it’s lettuce, endive, kale, your mother or father is getting vitamin C, antioxidants and refreshing fluids that are good for the body.  If they have suffered from IBS, they may want to eat these varieties in small doses and follow through with water to help digest well.


Strawberries are juicy, sweet, and ninety-one percent water.  The natural sugar content in moderation should not disturb the diabetic. However, it is always best to check with mom or dad’s physician first.  At home elder care aides in Dayton and Mason, OH recommend watermelon although for many diabetics this is high in natural sugar and must be eaten in moderation.  And, surprisingly, yogurt with the live and active culture known to be good for mom and dad, are over 80% water based.

There are plenty of foods and drinks to enhance your loved one’s hydration level if they have not been drinking enough water.

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