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Stay At Home with Compassionate Care

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In Home Care Agencies Share Tips for Caring for Someone with Dementia

Whether you are a professional caregiver or a family member caring for a loved one with dementia, in home care agencies have some fine tips to share that will make caregiving easier.  Caring for someone with dementia is not easy to begin with, so any little tricks or tidbits to ease the stress and anxiety for the care provider is a plus.  The professionals at in home care agencies in Dayton, OH suggest that it is best to learn from others who have taken this journey before you and learn from them.  You too will be teaching others what you learn along the way.

Do Not Argue

Although it may be difficult to get your mother or father or client with dementia to do certain tasks such as brushing their teeth, taking medicine, or even getting dressed, arguing with them will not assist them in getting through the process.  Studies indicate that once you begin arguing, or forcing someone with dementia to do something, their brains begin to over-stress and they will say and do things that make no sense and will eventually spiral out of control.

Don’t Ignore Symptoms

Ignoring symptoms of confusion is not advisable as they may be signs of real and irreversible dementia, or it may be caused by medications, diet, or another illness that may be diagnosed and treated.  Whatever the cause and or reason, seeking medical attention and addressing the issue allows in home care agencies to provide the right supportive measures.

Support Wellness

Stay engaged with your mom, dad, loved one, or client.  Those who experience dementia or Alzheimer’s disease appreciate being accepted into the community rather than being isolated and ignored.  Talk to the person in your care intelligently and spark their interest.  Research indicates music and dance bring out responses, and often memories seep into their present-day minds.  Encourage those with dementia and Alzheimer’s to be part of the inner circle.

Share your Caregiving

In home care agencies remind you that caring for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s cannot do it alone.  Caregivers must work in partnership and take care of themselves.  It is most important they take personal time and recoup.  Your quality of life is important too, and as a caregiver, you must live your life and fulfill your days as a priority.

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